Mike Woelfel

Hello, my name is Mike Woelfel and my goal is to educate you about the dangers of harmful microorganisms.  Your facility could benefit with our UVC light disinfection service.  Over four years ago I started a company called Sports Turf Northwest that quickly became the top UVC equipment distributors for GreensGroomer Worldwide.   Sports Turf Northwest was created because of a Staph infection.  I am now bringing my expertise in the prevention of Staph, MRSA and other harmful microorganisms to the Phoenix metro area and doing so by providing disinfection service using UVC light, NO chemicals.

I am putting my expertise to work.  I have been selling UVC equipment to colleges, high schools and the military.  I have written about the dangers of harmful microorganisms and I have spoken to athletes and concerned parents across the country who have been affected by harmful microorganisms like Staph and MRSA.  UVC Services is the first company to bring a proven and economical solution for the eradication and prevention of harmful microorganisms to all industries.