Assisted Living Facilities in Arizona Have the Right Idea

assisted living facilities in Arizona need the miniZaprNow that we are situated in Colorado, it seems that in addition to the plethora of recreational facilities, there also seems to be an above average number of assisted living facilities. After getting the opportunity to explore a few in the area, there is a lot to be proud of at these facilities. Most assisted living centers seek to create an atmosphere of freedom and individuality among seniors, while also offering whatever level of assistance is needed, all on an individual basis. They take extra steps to create a real community among their senior residents. There are daily activities, shopping trips, book clubs, games, and plenty of opportunities for seniors to exercise their independence. There is a focus on friendships and helping seniors make the most of their later years.  For seniors who need more care, assisted living facilities also staff nurses, doctors, and other experts who can ensure that the seniors in your life have all the care that they need. Knowing that all the necessary care is provided, both seniors and their families can relax and enjoy their time together.

You can read more about assisted living facilities, statistics and research from the Assisted Living Facilities Association.

The assisted living facilities we’ve come in contact with throughout Colorado deserve to be applauded for their tender, loving, and inspirational care for seniors. It only makes sense that the assisted living facilities might benefit greatly from a way to keep seniors from contracting  infections like MRSA, Staph, or the Flu. The miniZapr is a great tool to rid communal areas of germs, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms that pass from human contact onto shared surfaces.

The miniZapr Takes Caring for Seniors to a Whole New Level

The miniZapr utilized by UVC Services is a great addition to any facility where many people work in close contact on a day to day basis. Contact and crowds are two of the five C’s listed by the Center for Disease Control as the easiest ways to contract MRSA. In addition, seniors often have weakened immune systems and need extra protection from potential infections.

Residents and their families expect the best so why not go the extra step by preventing outbreaks like MRSA, Staph, and Flu the easy way with the miniZapr. The miniZapr is cutting edge UVC technology to protect your most precious assets, your residents.  UVC Services has recently expanded into Colorado and can provide in-person assistance in Loveland, Wellington, Fort Collins, Timnath, Windsor, Greeley, Evans, Johnstown/Milliken, Berthoud, Mead, Erie, Firestone/Frederick/Dacono, Estes Park and surrounding areas. Call today to schedule an onsite miniZapr demonstration in Colorado today.