Dog Care Facilities Can Eliminate Bordetella with the MiniZapr

It’s natural for us to think of the health problems that can arise when large groups get together. It’s why we never send our kids to school sick. It’s why we profusely wash our hands after using public restrooms. Why is it then, we struggle to think of the effects it has on our dogs when large groups of them are congregated at dog care facilities? Dogs have a greater risk than humans of contracting bacteria and germs from one another. Think about it. They can’t even wash their hands after they use the restroom. More likely they are sniffing, rolling, and tromping along in theirs and other dog’s doo doo. Kennel Cough (Bordetella) and other doggie sicknesses in your dog care facility can truly be a thing of the past.

Type of dog care facilities that can benefit from the miniZapr:

  • Doggie day cares

  • Kennels

  • Boarding houses

  • Veterinary clinics

  • Pet stores

  • Dog washing centers

Why Dog Care Facilities Need the miniZapr To Get Rid of Bordetella

Just like bacteria is a problem at kindergarten, it is a problem at doggie day care, kennels and veterinary clinics. And believe me, dog care facilities have real issues when it comes to staying clean, sanitary, and keeping dogs safe. Everyone thinks their dog is clean. Most are not. But that is beside the point; even clean dogs spread bacteria to one another.

The more dogs sniff, roll and run around, the more contact they are making with other dogs, dogs feces, and other bodily fluids. Bacteria from dog feces and other bodily fluids easily attaches to the paws and fur of dogs, potentially hitching a ride right into the homes of your dog parents (also known as customers). Kennel Cough (or Bordetella) is a big problem for a lot of dog care facilities; as well as Parvo, Distemper, Rabies and Giardia. If a dog owner suspects your dog care facilities’ lack of cleanliness is the source of their dogs latest Kennel Cough episode; I suspect they will quickly find a replacement doggie day care. Rampant bacteria is easy to eliminate, with two separate ways of effectively killing it.

Two Ways to Kill Bacteria That is Harmful to Dogs

1. Bleach and Toxic Chemicals

The first way is to rinse every surface down with bleach and other strong chemicals. While this is widely used and effective at killing bacteria, these chemicals are also toxic to both humans and dogs. If a dog happens into a bucket of bleach, it is potentially fatal when swallowed. In most instances, that is enough reason to rule bleach out as a workable solution. Almost always, cleaning in dog care facilities will need to be done with dogs present and owners cannot ensure that dogs will not come in contact with bleach or other chemicals being used. We advise choosing a safer way to get rid of germs and bacteria in your dog care facility.

2. The miniZapr and UVC Light Technology

The second and more viable solution, is to use germicidal UVC (ultra-violet light) technology to kill bacteria and germs on surfaces. The miniZapr incorporates UVC technology into the perfect tool for kennels and veterinary clinics. UVC technology is proven, innovative and the safest way to eliminate bad bacteria. The science behind UVC technology is fascinating, so let’s take a closer look.

What is UVC Technology?

UVC is a specific form of ultraviolet light also known as ultra violet-c. UVC light (also called germicidal UVC) is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs. It alters the genetic structure of the germ making death inevitable. Thanks to its wave C frequency, UVC is ideally located in the spectrum that best deactivates microorganisms and viral air contaminants. When a virus or microorganism comes in contact with UVC light waves, its nucleus is immediately penetrated. The DNA of the germ is severely damaged and death becomes imminent. This halts the spread of unwanted germs right in their tracks! By applying UVC light we are more than remedying the situation; we are destroying source of the problem. UVC technology is the star of brand new equipment at UVC health equipment, the miniZapr.

miniZapr is the Premiere Surface Sanitizer For Dog Care Facilities

Working with American Ultraviolet, an industry leader in UVC light technology, GreensGroomer Worldwide (a synthetic turf maintenance equipment leader) developed the miniZapr which can be used almost anywhere to kill harmful bacteria; including locker rooms, kids’ play areas, nurse’s stations, and in this case, places where dogs need protection too! Starting in 1960, American Ultraviolet began manufacturing the highest quality UV and UVC lights. That is approximately 35 years before most of today’s ultraviolet companies. Consequently, American Ultraviolet has the best to offer in UVC lights, and had no problem designing a set of unprecedented germicidal UVC lights for the miniZapr.


Designed to be easy to use, the miniZapr works like a combination between a vacuum cleaner and a push lawn mower. It has two options for power, an ordinary wall plug, or a portable generator that can be quickly attached in order to sanitize large or outdoors spaces. The miniZapr also has a built-in, detachable UVC wand, perfect for hard-to-reach and small spaces. Using all the features on the miniZapr, dog care facilities can easily and safely sanitize any surface dogs come in contact with.

The miniZapr design is built to last. This will be the only piece of equipment you need to ensure that all the dogs and humans who walk through your doors are as safe as can be from illnesses like Kennel Cough (Bordetella).

How Dog Care Facilities Can Benefit From The miniZapr

The fact is that the miniZapr used by UVC Services will save you money and also time and mess. With the miniZapr there is no need to worry about spilling chemicals, wet surfaces or running out of supplies.  Our service takes care of all that for you.

It is also entirely possible that the miniZapr will become an effective marketing tool for dog care facilities trying to grow their businesses. Showing dog owners that you are investing in the health of their dogs will entice them to remain loyal customers and show a sense of pride in the dog care facilities they choose for their dog. Knowing your facility is backed by the power of the miniZapr will give dog owners peace of mind about the health of their dogs. Peace of mind is a powerful tool. It builds trust in your business and with trust comes more business as they keep their dogs in your care longer and tell other dog parents about your great work.

Help your dog business grow by investing in pet health today. Call UVC Services to get started right away. Healthy dogs are happy dogs, with happy dog parents!