ESPN Outside the Lines Has it Right: MRSA the Invisible Threat

We recently came across a video from the ESPN show Outside the Lines and thought sharing it may shed more light on MRSA and how it affects athletes. In recent news, two players from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers developed MRSA, and it has become a hot topic in athletics once again. MRSA is a very serious threat to athletes because if misdiagnosed or untreated it can result in an amputation or even death. A young college football player, Ricky Lannetti, died in 2003 from MRSA. Others like NBA player Mike Gansey have suffered huge blows to their athletic careers. Since 2003 in the NFL, the Redskins, Rams, Browns, and now Buccaneers have reported MRSA infections. Currently,  Lawrence Tynes, the kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is battling for the future of his career over his MRSA infection. MRSA is truly an invisible threat; check out the ESPN video to see what we mean.

MRSA Prevention: UVC vs. Chemicals

In the video, they showed scores of people covered in chemical suits spraying down sports facilities in order to rid the surfaces of MRSA and other possible infectious bacteria. While using chemicals can be effective, we feel that a much safer and viable solution is UVC. UVC technology uses an invisible spectrum of ultra-violet light to penetrate the nucleus of bacteria, destroy the DNA, and eliminate the MRSA-causing bacteria altogether.

Reasons to use UVC over chemicals:

  1. UVC is non-toxic. Chemicals can harm anyone who uses them inappropriately or comes in contact accidentally. The chemicals used to eliminate MRSA are harsh and can be a significant risk to those with weakened immune systems, children, elderly and pregnant woman. UVC is completely chemical-free and there is no harm to patrons, athletes or customers who come in contact with UVC.
  2. UVC is easy to use. With our UVC equipment, the miniZapr, it is as easy as using the vacuum to eliminate MRSA. It takes minimum training to utilize a 100% safe method of preventing MRSA infections at your facility.
  3. UVC is cost effective. Purchasing a miniZapr will give you years of MRSA prevention, and ultimately save money. Chemical treatments will need to be performed regularly, and soon the miniZapr will have paid for itself.
  4. UVC is proven. UVC has been used since the 1800s by municipal water supplies and hospitals. Scientific research proves that UVC technology is just as or more effective than the toxic chemicals used to destroy MRSA.

The miniZapr Eliminates MRSA

The miniZapr is perfect for ridding surfaces of MRSA at gyms and sports facilities. With the miniZapr, your facility will be MRSA-free as well as safe from a slew of other harmful microorganisms. It works like a lawn mower or vacuum and can be plugged into any wall outlet. For more mobility, you can also attach a portable generator to the miniZapr to cover more ground. To see just how it works, here is a video about the miniZapr.

If you have any questions or concerns about MRSA in your facility, contact UVC Services at any time. We are here to help you keep your athletes, patrons, and customers safe from serious risks like MRSA.