Hidden Germs? Not a Problem for the miniZapr

Even the best traditional chemical cleaners and disinfectants can leave bacteria and viruses behind. The problem of hidden germs on surfaces is no small issue, as it can lead to disease and serious health problems across the board. It is important to find ways to fight the problem of hidden germs wherever they may be.

One of the most serious aspects regarding hidden germs is that it is possible to believe that a surface is clean when it is, in fact, not clean. If a bacteria or virus is resistant to traditional cleaning methods, which can be the case with MRSA, C. diff, HIV and many other viruses and bacteria, then you and your patients, clients or customers are left exposed. In this way, it is possible to have cleaned an area and believed to have done so effectively only to discover that you have left behind dangerous bacteria and viruses.

UVC technology, which is at the core of the miniZapr, addresses this issue head on and with tremendous effectiveness! UVC technology incorporates ultraviolet radiation, which is incredibly effective at killing viruses and bacteria. This high level of success is why UVC technology has been used in hospitals and doctor’s offices for decades. Increasingly, savvy business owners, hospital administrators, doctors, prison officials, grocery stores owners, schools systems, retirement homes and other facility managers are turning to the power of UVC technology to ensure human health and safety.

Hidden germs are a tremendous problem when people are in close quarters to one another. The reason is that germs can spread very quickly due to this proximity. Here are a few of the facilities that can greatly benefit from adoption UVC technology to kill viruses and bacteria.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Doctor’s offices
  3. Prisons
  4. Cruise ships
  5. Schools
  6. Military bases
  7. Fitness centers
  8. Rehabilitation centers
  9. Retirement homes
  10. Grocery stores
  11. Areas that use artificial turf

All 11 of these establishments are full of numerous areas where germs can hide. One of the key reasons that UVC technology is a superior sterilization option is that due to its very low operation costs, it is possible to clean areas more often and more thoroughly. This translates into facilities staying cleaner and the end result is fewer occurrences of disease. Reduced disease is also associated with lower operating costs, and that means more revenue can be generated by busineses.

The bottom line is that miniZapr stands as a superior sterilization method. Chemical cleaners and disinfectants can’t really match what this safe and effective technology delivers. Those working or managing any of the 11 facilities we have outlined in this article will want to see what UVC technology can do firsthand.