Birth of UVC Services

UVC Services was born from extensive research seeking solutions for disinfection technology for artificial turf. Conversations with the team at Sports Turf NW, a reseller of GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment including the miniZapr, led to the realization that a safe, non-chemical solution was available. The minZapr uses UVC technology to destroy harmful bacteria. UVC Services was created to bring this safe, effective technology to facilities that need disinfection treatment but don’t want to purchase the equipment.

It was clear that the technology behind the miniZapr was powerful enough to kill germs on virtually any surface, not just synthetic turf.  Brainstorming began about other places where the miniZapr could be effectively used to eliminate bacteria, germs, and harmful microorganisms. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), MRSA and Staph (two of the most dangerous issues) can be most easily transmitted at places where the five C’s are present.

The Five C’s of MRSA Transmission

  1. Crowding
  2. Contact
  3. Compromised skin (even minor cuts and scrapes from shaved legs)
  4. Contaminated items and surfaces (towels, band aids, tissues)
  5. Lack of Cleanliness

After a big discussion of places where these five things are present outside of sports and synthetic turf, we came up with some of the following places where the miniZapr could make a huge difference. It doesn’t matter what the industry is, the MiniZapr is perfect for keeping people healthy in lots of places.

Places That Could Benefit From Using miniZapr UVC Technology

  • Day care facilities
  • Dog facilities, day cares, and grooming centers
  • Schools and school nurse’s offices
  • Pediatrics offices
  • Family physician offices
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Workout facilities and gyms
  • Public pools
  • Amusement parks and waterparks
  • Retirement homes and assisted living facilities
  • Churches
  • Community recreation centers
  • Large offices
  • Yoga studios
  • Dance studios
  • Anywhere with communal restrooms or showers
  • And more…

It is easy to see how the miniZapr could be shared with other industries, in particular industries that deal with health and wellness. We decided an entire site dedicated to that idea was necessary to get the message out there that UVC technology is far more effective than chemicals for eliminating germs and bacteria. Today, most health facilities use chemicals to get rid of harmful microorganisms. This puts staff and patients at risk. Chemicals must be used in exact dosage and can be very harsh to people, animals, or patients with weakened immune systems. With UVC technology like that found in the miniZapr, no chemicals are needed, and germs are eliminated with precision and without any potential side effects.

The miniZapr Eliminates Germs, Bacteria, and Harmful Microorganisms

The miniZapr is built specifically for indoor and hard to reach spaces. It houses powerful UVC lights that are just the right spectrum to penetrate cells walls and destroy bacteria that causes MRSA, Staph, Flu, and many other human and animal cold and virus culprits. It is operational like a lawn mower or vacuum, but also comes with a detachable wand for particularly hard to reach spaces.

With the miniZapr, the sky is the limit. Have your own ideas about where the miniZapr might be particularly effective? Contact us to schedule service today.