Why Those with Comprised Immune Systems Must Find Germs

There is no doubt that germs are everywhere, and that isn’t a bad thing most of the time. In fact, many bacteria are quite helpful for human health. Probiotics as found in fermented products, such as as yogurt and kefir, are excellent for the digestive tract. The problem, of course, is with the small percentage of potentially highly-aggressive and dangerous, bacteria and viruses that can do us harm. The human story has been, to some extent, one of mankind waging a constant war against our unseen enemies, viruses and bacteria. This war has played a central role in history and in the kind of foods that we’ve cultivated and developed to even where we have placed our cities. Simply stated, viruses and bacteria have dramatically impacted human history. To see the relationship between disease and history, all one has to do is examine the period of the Black Death, for example, where some areas of Europe experienced a population loss as much as 90%!

Fighting disease is one of the cornerstones of civilization. A key part of the fighting disease has long been finding clean water and dealing with waste water. Without clean water and sanitization, it is difficult to build and maintain large robust civilizations. The Romans, for example, realized this fact and built amazing water facilities as a result.

Technology has played a role in this process throughout history. Many impressive technologies, such as UVC which disinfects using ultraviolet radiation, were quickly adopted for water treatment when they became available. The battle against viruses and bacteria is important for every person and civilization as a whole, but it can be extremely important for those with comprised immune systems.

Individuals with compromised immune systems have special needs in that viruses and bacteria that most people’s immune systems would fight off with ease can cause serious illness or even death. For those with compromised immune systems, it is critically important to ensure that their environments are as clean as possible. This can be very difficult with many traditional cleaners and disinfectants which can often leave behind tougher viruses and bacteria. However, UVC technology as employed with the miniZapr is a different story altogether. This technology is so powerful that it has been used for decades in hospitals and by doctors. Since UVC technology uses ultraviolet radiation, its ability to kill viruses and bacteria can safely be called highly impressive.

Facilities that work with those who have compromised immune systems, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, retirement homes and rehabilitation centers, will want to strongly consider how this highly cost-effective and powerful technology can help them and their clients. When you absolutely need to know that an area or a surface is clean, there is no better way that UVC technology.