Green Disinfecting

We use ionizing ultraviolet light (UVC) to literally “zap” harmful microorganisms on surfaces without leaving any harmful chemicals or residues behind.

Protecting Your Customers

Be the leader in your industry and offer your clients safety and protection from harmful microorganisms.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction and your customers health is our priority. We provide your facility the most effective solution available for the eradication of harmful microorganisms.

Industries Served

Gyms, Yoga & Fitness Facilities

Bodily fluids and human contact are very dangerous if not properly handled. Put a maintenance plan in place and protect your customers. No chemicals simply DNA destroying LIGHT.

Day Care, Assisted Living & Medical

Floors, handrails and any other surface that shares human contact points can be sterilized using light. Your clients and residents will benefit knowing you are proactively treating against life-threatening microorganisms.

Indoor Synthetic Turf

The # 1 solution you should be using for your synthetic turf and the fight against Staph and MRSA is UVC Light. Bodily fluids are dangerous. Talk to us about setting up a preventative maintenance program for you.