Doug Wood

Doug is a northern Colorado native who has owned and operated a number of businesses focused on construction, paving and digging in the dirt.  His latest venture is a bit different as he is heading up UVC Services, a company that leverages UV (Ultraviolet) light’s ability to kill germs and sterilize surfaces.

While this venture sounds a bit far removed from his former work, the connection came about a year ago when Doug and his business partner worked on a project in Denver to replace the artificial turf on a school’s football field.  This work led to the discovery of the need to sanitize and sterilize the artificial turf which unlike natural grass has no self-cleaning organisms. The industry is using UV light to accomplish the task.

As Doug looked into the UV technology further, the need to sanitizing floors, yoga mats, day cares and a variety of other places seemed to be a great opportunity, while using smaller, more manageable equipment.

Doug and his wife Stefanie have a special needs daughter who has an impaired immune system, so finding ways to help protect her has always been top of mind.  Utilizing UVC services equipment will allow them to keep their own house as clean and germ free as possible – without using any potentially dangerous chemicals.