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Retirement homes and rehabilitation centers stand as one of the top places where sickness and illness occur and spread. There are several key reasons that this is the case; here are a few:

  • Many people live in a relatively compact space.
  • Many people share some of the same facilities.
  • Retirement homes are often home to those with compromised or weakened immune systems.
  • Retirement homes and rehabilitation centers often have residents who have recently undergone medical procedures. As a result, these individuals have potentially been exposed to viruses and bacteria typically found in hospitals.
  • Depression is common in retirement homes, and this issue can lead to a weakened immune system. In a similar vein, those recovering from an injury or serious injury may have a greater risk of depression as well.

The facts are that even in the very best retirement homes, staffed by the most caring of caregivers, the chances for the spread of disease are higher than the norm. Since many of the residents have compromised immune systems, are suffering from chronic illnesses or disease and are making frequent trips to doctor’s offices and hospitals. there is an added need to provide excellent sterilization.

UVC technology is perfectly suited for a location such as a retirement home or a rehabilitation center, as this proven technology does wonders for killing dangerous and fast spreading viruses and bacteria, such as MRSA and many others.

Using in a technology like the miniZapr allows retirement homes to decrease the spread of disease throughout their facilities. Not only does this reduce human suffering, but it can also serve to reduce stress, administrative loss as well as potential revenue loss that could result when occupants decide to move to another facility in hopes of a less disease-riddled environment. Additionally, through the use of UVC technology, residents will be exposed to less chemicals and disinfectants, which can be problematic for those with lung health issues and other medical conditions.