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It is true that viruses and germs can be found anywhere, but the facts are that some locations serve as excellent breeding grounds. Fitness centers are a prime example of just such facilities. Let’s take a look at why fitness centers are frequently the source of viral and bacterial contamination and outbreaks.

  • People use the same equipment
  • People share lockers
  • Fitness centers often experience high levels of use
  • People share shower and bathroom facilities
  • Heavy equipment usage means that it is virtually impossible for staff to keep equipment sterilized and clean
  • Oftentimes fitness centers have high density rates, as many people may be working out together, and sharing equipment in the same time.

These 6 factors mentioned above all combine to make fitness centers a key breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Harsh and expensive chemical cleaners and disinfectants are frequently used, and the cost of these products can add up very quickly. Fitness centers have a profound financial incentive to switch to another method of cleaning, such as a UVC based technology like the miniZapr that uses UVC technology to kill virtually all bacteria and viruses.

Unlike chemical based cleaners and disinfectants, UVC technology does not have to be ordered again and again. The savings in hassle and administrative work alone makes the switch to UVC quite prudent.

Managing a fitness center and ensuring the health and safety of facility users is no easy task. However, with UVC technology, it is possible to keep fitness center users and members healthy and do so without exposing them to potentially DNA damaging chemicals that can lead to disease and even cancer.