UV technology emerged on the scene in the late 1800’s and was quickly adopted as a means of purifying municipal water supplies in France and elsewhere. In the coming decades, this powerful technology was adopted for use in hospitals.

The UVC light is only as warm as a desk lamp.  No surface will be melted.

The MiniZapr is pushed across the surface 3 times at a walking speed.  The UVC light destroys the DNA of the harmful microorganisms.

The short answer to this question is that UV technology is amazingly effective. UVC light can kill a very wide range of bacteria and viruses, including the highly dangerous and difficult to kill MRSA.

UVC technology is used by anyone that wants to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment. In particular, UVC technology and the miniZapr are employed in areas where their are many people living or working in a relatively small area, such as hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation facilities, military bases, cruise ships, schools, fitness centers, prisons and other similar type of facilities. In areas where disease can spread quickly to many people, UVC technology is extremely valuable.

The MiniZapr is extremely effective. In fact, many surfaces that are “cleaned” with traditional chemical cleaners and disinfectants may still have viruses and bacteria present. However, with the MiniZapr and UVC technology, one can expect superior results. Additionally, UVC technology means that it is possible to avoid the potentially negative health impacts so often associated with chemical cleaners.

The MiniZapr, due to the fact that it uses UVC technology, can actually save a great deal of time. Using cleaners can be quite time consuming and involving special safety protocols and measures; however, using the MiniZapr is very safe and fast to use.

Chemical cleaners and disinfectants can be very costly. The MiniZapr can help bypass a large percentage of these costs. In the end, the MiniZapr stands as an impressive way to save money throughout the year. In this way, one can expect for the MiniZapr to not just deliver superior result, but also financial savings as well.

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