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Hospitals and doctor’s offices certainly stand out as a place where one would need to be concerned about viruses and bacteria. The bottom line is that these are the places where people go when they are sick, and that means an increased risk of the spread of disease. The simple facts are that hospitals and doctor’s offices are one of the top areas where sterilization isn’t just a good idea but is an absolute and undeniable necessity!

Chemicals and Disinfectants – There is Another Way

In the past, the way that the issue of hospital sterilization was handled was through chemicals and disinfectants. But increasingly, everyone from hospital administrators and doctors to the average patient is wishing that there was a way to sterilize different surfaces and areas like floors. One proven and extremely effective way of doing just that is through UVC technology and the miniZapr.

Technology Provides New Options

Technology has changed dramatically in recent years. However, many hospitals and doctor’s offices around the world are still relying upon chemicals and disinfectants for their sterilization needs. Unfortunately, this process means repeatedly buying chemicals and disinfectants and exposing both personnel and patients to potentially harmful chemical agents.

UVC – For Proven and Reliable Sterilization

UVC technology has been used in hospitals and doctor’s offices for decades, and it stands as a proven and reliable way to sterilize surfaces with amazing effectiveness. Any institution that is looking for a cost effective and reliable way to address sterilization and do so in a safe manner will love what UVC technology has to offer.

Why UVC Technology and the miniZapr is Perfect for Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices:

  • Highly cost effective
  • Safe to use
  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly buy chemicals and disinfects
  • UVC technology and the miniZapr are proven highly effective
  • Time tested and trusted technology
  • Protects both personnel and patients from exposure to chemicals
  • Easy to use and maintain